HardMoney Lite™ for Famlies & Investors!

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Primary Residence Borrowers

If you have recent credit events (late payments, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Short Sale or Deed in Lieu) and/or a credit score down to 550, HardMoney Lite™ is the program you’ve been looking for.

Alternative documentation/bank statements can be used to verify income in place of Tax documents. Available on Purchases, Refinances, cash-out refinance loans and rate and term refinace loans. Fill in the form or Apply Now. We'll contact you and get you set up with this new and exciting financing!

  • From 550 credit
  • No Prepayment PenaltySample Image
  • Max LTV 80%
  • Up to 50% DTI
  • Loan Amounts $80k to $1.5M
  • Cash-out up to $250K
  • Full Doc, 12 & 24-month bank statements
  • 40 Yr Fixed available!