Free and Clear Florida Property

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A borrower with a Free and Clear Florida property can get a loan to easly and quickly! Use your equity for any reason.

Pay off property taxes, make home improvements, new A/C, home repairs, new roof, new driveway, debt consolidation, pay off collections, judgements and IRS liens, to start a new business, purchase a car, install a pool, upgrade your kitchen, take a family vacation, to make investments, purchase a new home, purchase a second home, pay medical bills, pay off homeowners association dues, expand your current business, capitalize your business, purchase equipment, weddings, tuition for the kids, stop foreclosure, settle a bankruptcy, pay for funeral arrangement, finish improvements to an investment property or meet payroll.

Access the equity in your paid-off or mortgage free property. We’ve helped thousands of Florida borrowers over the years in these same situations. 

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