Hard Money House Purchase?

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Yes! In today's tight home buying market, many Florida home buyers are turning to Hard Money Loans to make their purchases for 2 reasons.

                                         Speed and the Power of Cash!

Sellers today do not want to wait 30-90 days for the buyer to close with standard financing. Too many things can change or go wrong in that time. Right?
When using hard money it counts as 'cash'. A buyer may submit an offer as cash, without a financing contingency.  Think the seller will like that!?

We close loans in as little as 5-12 days and have friendly rates and terms.
Have you lost a sale yet? Get the speed and flexibility of hard money. 

If you're self-employed, have no credit or iffy credit, it's ok - don’t worry because we will connect you to our community of investors that will fund your purchase. Let's get your file started.

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