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Mr & Mrs Schiver : 
......if you have credit problems and you need a loan on a piece of property, definitely call Dan Conneally!
He's the guy to work with"

Donna Chartier
"....we felt like we were being scammed and getting the run around again, again and again." 

HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW?  " i Feel Wonderful! "

Johnnie & Vizcaya Rucker
                   How does it feel to be Debt Free?
"like weight has been lifted from our shoulders"  Mrs. Rucker 
"it feel Liberating" Mr Rucker 

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Ms. LaMarca: 
" ........I am very thankful for him because he just got me out of a very tight spot"

Ms. Mitchell
"I appreciate everything you've done because it really got me out of a jam"

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"You'll be wowed too! i promise!!"
                                     -Dan Conneally 

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Ms. Pinto
"We are happy with what we paid and we're enjoying it, Thank You"