Florida Only Hard Money Loan Programs

Jumbo Hard Money Loans   $472,000+


A "Jumbo Loan" is a loan that is larger than the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac loan limit size for your Florida county. This typically means a loan larger than $500,000.00. A "Florida Hardmoney Jumbo Loan" is larger than the county loan limit that also comes with underwriting flexibility that many families need today. 

Whether your transaction is a Jumbo purchase  loan, refinance jumbo loan or equity jumbo loan, we have the funds, underwriting flexibility and know-how to get your transaction closed. As you might imagine, there are many moving parts. Let's get started crafting a solution specifically for you and your family. 

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Cash Out Refinance - Any Reason! 

Cash Out Refinance

AHL Hard Money’s community of investors will finance borrowers when banks say no. If you have been turned down and have equity in your property, don’t give up, you have choices. Our loan process is fast and straight forward. No nonsense, No hassles and No gimmicks! AHL Hard Money typically closes loans in 5-15 days. Don’t wait and miss an opportunity of getting cash out. We offer programs for single family, manufactured, townhouses, condominiums, 1-4 units, 5+ commercial units, owner occupied, non-owner occupied, investor and fix n flip scenarios. AHL Hard Money will even help with suggestions to improve your credit. Don't put it off.

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Debt Consolidation Hard Money Loan

We connect you with our community of investors to bring you debt consolidation loans that will simplify your payments. We have helped thousands of Florida families, with less than perfect credit, access their equity in single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, manufactured homes, investment properties, and commercial properties.

Slash those payments! Save hundreds every month. Don't wait. 

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 Property Tax, Income tax, IRS Lien, Judgement Loans

Have the leverage of Cash In Hand to pay property taxes, income taxes, judgements, IRS liens, Collections, Bankruptcy Settlement, etc. to get a better settlement. Use your equity to get these issues behind you! We have helped thousands of Florida families clear up these serious matters and put them on the road to improved credit! Don't procrastinate. 

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Home Improvement

 Home repair, home improvement house loans are probably the most popular loans we do for Florida property owners. Our community of private investors will lend money to credit challenged borrowers to make the desired home improvements you've been wanting to make. New roof, new kitchen & baths, nice porch, beautiful deck, fresh windows...get your property updated by accessing your equity! We work hand in hand with your contractor(s) to get the work done efficiently. Get your house freshened up! Don't hesitate.

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Free and Clear Florida Property

A borrower with a Free and Clear Florida property can get a loan to pay off property taxes, make home improvements, new A/C, home repairs, new roof, new driveway, debt consolidation, pay off collections, judgements and IRS liens, to start a new business, purchase a car, install a pool, upgrade your kitchen, take a family vacation, to make investments, purchase a new home, purchase a second home, pay medical bills, pay off homeowners association dues, expand your current business, capitalize your business, purchase equipment, weddings, tuition for the kids, stop foreclosure, settle a bankruptcy, pay for funeral arrangement, finish improvements to an investment property or meet payroll. Access the equity in your paid-off or mortgage free property. We’ve helped thousands of Florida borrowers over the years in these same situations.

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Hard Money House Purchase

In today's tight home buying market, many Florida home buyers are turning to Hard Money Loans to make their purchases for 2 reasons.

                                         Speed and the Power of Cash!

Sellers today do not want to wait 30-90 days for the buyer to close with standard financing. Too many things can change or go wrong in that time. Right?
When using hard money it counts as 'cash'. A buyer may submit an offer as cash, without a financing contingency.  Think the seller will like that!?

We close loans in as little as 5-12 days and have friendly rates and terms.
Have you lost a sale yet? Get the speed and flexibility of hard money. 

If you're self-employed, have no credit or iffy credit, it's ok - don’t worry because we will connect

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Equity Home Loans


As a Florida property owner with equity, you can access your equity with a private home equity loan! Whether you're self employed, been turned down, have credit issues that need resolving, or owe child support - we can help you achieve what it is your looking to accomplish. 

Our investors approve home equity loans that banks will not - at rocket speed! We understand each situation is different and there are many variables.

Let's have a conversation to review your situation then create a specialized program to get you and your family squared away.  

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